How To Get A Good Erection

If you have difficulties with erection and you want to get it back, you should practice a special exercise called “Daily genitals massage”. Make it every day and you will get rock erections! When you perform this exercise, do not force yourself to get an erection. Do not pay your attention if erection is or is not. Let your partner say about it. Do not worry if erection has appeared and then disappeared. In this case you should slow down your movements, relax and then again get focused on your sensations. This exercises will greatly help you.

Daily genitals massage
Every day for 10 minutes, gently massage penis, especially at its base. This helps to increase blood flow into genital area.

Do not try to cause an erection with the help of massage. Massage in order to feel penis and learn accompanying sensations. It gives new bond strengths of mind and body that is important for getting strong arousal. Gentle massage helps to develop the ability to focus on your sensations. Massage your penis and do not pay attention on erection. You will see the results after making another exercise.

Erection sensation
Believe it or not but some men are so far from their bodies that they do not even know if they have erections or not. Main sensuous exercises with focus on your sensations such as touching your face, front and back sides of the body, genitals do learn you feel your body. If you do not have sensation of erection, you may feel pleasure without knowing if penis got hard enough for sexual intercourse. What is the reason? Some males do intentionally learn to ignore erection thinking it is best way to have it. This suggestion is quite true. You should forget about your genitals and start feeling them! You should focus on sensation of your genitals and not ignore them!

Before you start exercise
Think about hardness of penis in accordance with ten-point scale. Remember that level 1 means weak penis, level 5 is the beginning of erection and level 10 is absolutely hard erection. Learn to define what erection you get in the morning or when you masturbate.

Lie on your back. Your partner starts slowly to caress front side of your body and your genitals with focus on sensations, making it around 20 minutes. At some moments she will ask you what level of erection you have got. If your level will greatly differ from her, she will ask you to open your eyes and look at the penis.

If you say your erection is on level 2 (starting of blood flow into penis ), but in fact it achieved level 5 (starting of penis hardening) you should believe it. After looking on your erection you should again close your eyes and focus on penis sensations while your partner caresses you. It will learn you to recognize level of your erection without watching on penis Remember that pubbocoxygennus muscles should be relaxed. Relax your legs and breathe deeply. Your partner will ask you several times about your erection. If you will consider that erection is forced, you should turn back to the starting of blood flow into penis. For the first time, turning back to level 2 or 3 is a progress. Repeat this exercise as many times as you need in order to learn to recognize the level of penis hardening.

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